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Using this site, you can easily and conveniently pay most tickets and bills.

If you are pleading not guilty to a ticket, DO NOT use this service. By using this service, I understand:

  1. Using Illinois ePay, Localgov, or Qucket Solutions to pay bills or tickets, a non-refundable 1.95%, 2.30%, or 5.5% (respectively) processing fee will be assessed by the contracted vendor. You can use most major credit cards to pay fines and costs owed to the Village of Forest View online.
  2. The balance provided may change due to any new activity created on the case or the implementation of any late fees by non-payment within a designated time period.
  3. If correct amount, including any late fees, is not paid within 90 days, tickets issued will be remanded to our third party collection agency.
  4. If your account has been sent to our third party collection agency, Municipal Collection Services, you must contact them to make a payment. Please call (708) 448-6669, email, or visit
  5. I may call the Village of Forest View Police Department at (708) 788-0318 to verify the correct payment amount for my account(s).

If a NSF or Chargeback occurs, the Village will remove the associated credit on the water account and place one of the following fees onto the water account: $60 fee for NSF or $30 fee for Chargebacks.